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Basketball Hoop Padding

Basketball is inherently a fast, tough and rough game. Especially when players get under the boards, elbows can fly and slips and falls can occur. Players can crash into walls trying to make a save and even injure themselves on backboards during slam dunks or going up and fighting for rebounds.

First Team High Impact Graphic Wall Padding
Compare At:$446.00
Our Price:$372.00
First Team BodyGuard Wall Pad
Compare At:$123.00
Our Price:$108.00
First Team Recreational TuffGuard Backboard Padding
Compare At:$175.00
Our Price:$148.00
First Team 72" Tuffguard Backboard Padding
Compare At:$169.00
Our Price:$143.00
First Team Gusset Pad for 4" and 5" Crank Adjust Base Only
Compare At:$99.00
Our Price:$84.00
First Team Premium Pole Pad for 4" and 5" Square Poles
Compare At:$185.00
Our Price:$154.00
First Team Deluxe Pole Pad for 4" and 5" Crank Adjust Poles
Compare At:$258.00
Our Price:$226.00
First Team Gusset Pad for 6" Crank Adjust Base Only
Compare At:$123.00
Our Price:$100.00
First Team Premium Pole Pad for 6" Square Poles
Compare At:$219.00
Our Price:$186.00
First Team Deluxe Pole Pad for 6" Crank Adjust Poles
Compare At:$327.00
Our Price:$277.00
First Team Gusset Pad for 6" X 8" Crank Adjust Base Only
Compare At:$131.00
Our Price:$109.00
First Team Premium Pole Pad for 6" X 8" Square Poles
Compare At:$228.00
Our Price:$200.00
First Team Deluxe Pole Pad for 6" X 8" Crank Adjust Poles
Compare At:$370.00
Our Price:$301.00
GoalSetter Custom Fitted Pole Padding
Compare At:$221.00
Our Price:$187.50
GoalSetter Three-Sided Wrap Around Pole Padding
Compare At:$149.00
Our Price:$124.50
GoalSetter Multi-Purpose Backboard Edge Padding
Compare At:$183.00
Our Price:$149.00
First Team Field Cutout Insert for Two-Plug Outlet
Compare At:$75.00
Our Price:$61.00
Gared Fitted Pole Pad for Square Poles
Compare At:$153.00
Our Price:$130.00
GoalSetter Wrap Around Pole Padding for 4 Inch Poles
Compare At:$142.00
Our Price:$124.50
Gared Base Pad for Surface-Mounted Square Posts
Compare At:$44.00
Our Price:$30.00
Gared Wrap-Around Basketball Pole Pad
Compare At:$129.00
Our Price:$113.00
Gared Pro Mold Outdoor Backboard Edge Padding
Compare At:$139.00
Our Price:$112.50
Bison DuraSkin Backboard Edge Padding
Compare At:$296.00
Our Price:$195.00
Bison Fitted Pole Pad for Square Poles
Compare At:$222.00
Our Price:$188.00

Learn More About Basketball Hoop Padding

You can't completely stop injuries in basketball, but you can take proactive measures to prevent them. One of the simplest and most effective things you can do is to use padding. Inexpensive and durable, the many types of padding available from TopHoops can help protect you and your players from painful and costly injuries.

At TopHoops, we carry dozens of types of basketball padding, whether you're looking for basketball hoop padding, basketball post pads and basketball pole pads or something else. Our wall pads will protect players who go crashing into walls while carried by their forward momentum. These pads are especially invaluable for play on courts with limited space. Our pole pads can prevent broken noses and other injuries from smashing into basketball poles. We also have pads to cover the pole base as well as basketball goal padding to protect backboards and goal corners. We even have padding with cutouts for electrical wall outlets for your convenience.

The pads we sell are available in a variety of precut sizes as well as custom sizes. We also offer many colors that can complement your school or organization's theme, and custom logos are available.

These pads are simple to install and available at low, discounted prices with fast, free shipping from TopHoops. Consider them a small investment in your player safety that will pay big dividends in reduced injuries on the court.