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Basketball Rims

First Team 180 Competition Breakaway Goal Full-Tilt
Model # FT196FT
First Team 180 Competition Breakaway Goal Full-Tilt Breakaway Action from any Angle Long-lastin...
Our Price: $548.90
First Team Competition Economy Breakaway Goal
First Team Competition Economy Breakaway Goal Dura...
First Team Heavy Duty Rear Mount Fixed Goal
First Team Heavy Duty Rear Mount Fixed Goal Standa...

Some might argue that apart from the basketball itself, basketball rims are the most important element in a basketball game. After all, you cannot keep score if there is no rim into which a player can throw the ball. It defeats the whole purpose. Considering what an important element basketball rims are, it is surprising that there are only two kinds of rims to be found, break-away rims and a fixed rim. And yet, understanding the differences between the two is important. Browse basketball rims for sale below.

First Team Heavy Duty Front Mount Fixed Goal
Compare At:$184.00
Our Price:$156.20
First Team Heavy Duty Double Rim Fixed Goal
Compare At:$256.00
Our Price:$216.70
First Team Heavy Duty Rear Mount Fixed Goal
Compare At:$224.00
Our Price:$187.00
First Team Super Duty Double Rim Rear Mount Fixed Goal
Compare At:$281.00
Our Price:$246.40
First Team Unbreakable Lifetime Warranty Fixed Goal
Compare At:$295.00
Our Price:$239.80
First Team Recreational Flex Goal
Compare At:$241.00
Our Price:$204.60
First Team Heavy Duty Flex Goal
Compare At:$314.00
Our Price:$261.80
First Team Heavy Duty Flex Goal (Zinc Cotated Rust Resistant)
Compare At:$473.00
Our Price:$414.70
First Team Super Duty Flex Goal
Compare At:$399.00
Our Price:$324.50
First Team Super Duty Double Rim Flex Goal
Compare At:$452.00
Our Price:$382.80
First Team Super Duty Rear Mount Flex Goal
Compare At:$348.00
Our Price:$294.80
First Team Competition Economy Breakaway Goal
Compare At:$327.00
Our Price:$272.80
First Team Standard Competition Breakaway Goal
Compare At:$359.00
Our Price:$314.60
First Team Tube Tie/Adjustable Competition Breakaway Goal
Compare At:$465.00
Our Price:$378.40
First Team Premium Competition Tube Tie Breakaway Goal
Compare At:$565.00
Our Price:$478.50
First Team 180 Competition Breakaway Goal Full-Tilt
Compare At:$648.00
Our Price:$548.90
First Team Unbreakable Galvanized Lifetime Warranty Fixed Goal
Compare At:$491.00
Our Price:$415.80
First Team 180 Competition Breakaway Goal Full-Tilt - Tube Tie
Compare At:$747.00
Our Price:$589.60
Bison Basketball Accessory Rim
Compare At:$142.45
Our Price:$124.95

Learn More About Basketball Rims

A fixed rim is a perfect and practical solution for any basketball players that does not intend on touching the net with their hands. This particular type of rim is normally used for recreational use or a junior league. Fixed in a stationary position with solid steel support braces, the fixed rim is designed for taking shots without being hung onto. If you are a dunker, then a fixed rim is not for you. Dunking the ball on a fixed rim will not only cause excessive damage to the rim and backboard but without the give that a fixed rim does not have, you risk injury to yourself as well. However, if you are five feet tall and can only jump ten inches, then you will not be in a situation that would call for a more expensive option for your basketball backboard (the break-away rim).

The break-away basketball rim does not actually break completely away from the basketball backboard; however, it does protect the backboard and the rim from breaking when a 200lb man chooses to hang from it with his fingers. The break-away releases the force from the jump and on the board to prevent damage, which will protect your expensive equipment. In addition, with the designed give that a break-away rim has, it is can help in avoiding painful and unneeded injuries to the player. While more expensive than a traditional fixed basketball rim, and typically used in more advanced basketball environments such as high school, college and professional basketball, the break-away rim will save you a lot of expense in regards to replacing the rim and possibly the backboard due to breakage from aggressive play.

Some breakaway basketball rims have the additional built in flexibility of being able to break-away from any angle. Whether you approach the rim from the left, the right or the front, if you hang on the rim it will break-away correctly. This flexibility prevents any disasters from any side dunks that a player might choose to attempt.

Your basketball rim should be at least 18” around to allow plenty of room for the basketball to pass through the net. What’s more, the rim thickness should be no less than 5/8” thick, although it can be more, especially if the double rim option is chosen. Our competition quality rims meet all of the NCAA regulations making them perfect for high schools, colleges and for professional arenas. Each of our basketball rims come with the appropriate mounting hardware and with an anti-whip net, providing you with everything that you need to mount it to your already existing backboard.