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Basketball Equipment

If you are looking for quality basketball equipment then the team at Top Hoops understand your needs. Basketball is a great, fast paced and fun sport that nearly anyone can play with some degree of competency. How many times have you gone past a public basketball court and saw it jam packed with people playing or waiting to play. Some people are better at certain skill sets than other, such as running set plays, ball handling, shooting, running, three-point shots, etc., however, with all of these great options during play, a variety of different talents are valuable for players. However, no matter how talented you are, without the proper basketball equipment and accessories, you are not going to get very far getting a basketball game together.

First Team Adjustment Crank Handle Lock
Compare At:$62.00
Our Price:$51.00
First Team Ball Rack
Compare At:$158.00
Our Price:$139.00
First Team Ground Sleeve (For Easy Hoop Removal)
Compare At:$315.00
Our Price:$274.00
Basketball Court Stencil
Compare At:$95.00
Our Price:$70.00
Block-Aid Rebound Training Aid
Compare At:$286.00
Our Price:$245.00
The Ball Hog
Compare At:$672.00
Our Price:$611.00
Youth Hang-On Training Goal (6-Shooter)
Compare At:$1,142.00
Our Price:$984.00
First Team Backboard Height Adjuster (20"X35" Mounting)
Compare At:$1,789.00
Our Price:$1,558.00
First Team Backboard Height Adjuster (36"X63" Mounting)
Compare At:$2,279.00
Our Price:$1,992.00
Heavy Duty Competition Nylon Basketball Net
Compare At:$19.00
Our Price:$12.00
Economy Chain Basketball Net
Compare At:$27.00
Our Price:$19.00
Premium Steel Safety Basketball Net
Compare At:$53.00
Our Price:$45.00
Gared Varsity Basketball Toss Back
Compare At:$1,599.00
Our Price:$1,349.00
Gared Master Basketball Toss Back
Compare At:$489.00
Our Price:$459.00
Gared Playmaker Toss Back
Compare At:$289.00
Our Price:$249.00
Airball Grabber Retention Net
Compare At:$329.00
Our Price:$256.00
Super Airball Grabber Retention Net
Compare At:$1,099.00
Our Price:$995.00
Champion Official Size Indoor Outdoor Rubber Basketball
Compare At:$25.00
Our Price:$25.00
Champion Official Size Indoor Composite Game Basketball
Compare At:$49.00
Our Price:$40.00
Champion Intermediate Size Indoor Composite Game Basketball
Compare At:$47.00
Our Price:$39.00
Champion Junior Size Indoor Outdoor Rubber Basketball
Compare At:$24.00
Our Price:$20.00
Champion Intermediate Size Indoor Outdoor Rubber Basketball
Compare At:$25.00
Our Price:$23.00
CourtClean Damp Mop System
Compare At:$779.00
Our Price:$699.00
CourtClean Damp Mop System Towels
Compare At:$59.00
Our Price:$42.00
Bison DuraSkin Backboard Edge Padding
Compare At:$266.81
Our Price:$236.00
Bison Fitted Pole Pad for Square Poles
Compare At:$268.66
Our Price:$228.00
Bison Portable Hoop Rear Hold Down Kit - T-Rex
Compare At:$376.95
Our Price:$345.00
Bison Portable Hoop Rear Hold Down Kit - Bison Max
Compare At:$576.45
Our Price:$524.00
Bison Lockable Basketball Ball Cart
Compare At:$628.95
Our Price:$576.00
Power Dribble Ball Cart with Air Pump
Compare At:$285.00
Our Price:$264.00
Bison Universal Correct Call LED Backboard Alert System
Compare At:$1,416.45
Our Price:$1,259.00
Bison SharpShooter Ball Cart
Compare At:$565.95
Our Price:$524.00
Reusable Steel Basketball Court Stencil
Compare At:$599.00
Our Price:$579.00
First Team Official Size Composite Game Basketball
Compare At:$67.00
Our Price:$40.00
First Team Official Womens Size Composite Game Basketball
Compare At:$67.00
Our Price:$40.00
Gared Basketball Backboard Height Adjuster - 36 Inch X 63 Inch Attachment
Compare At:$1,999.00
Our Price:$1,799.00
Gared Basketball Backboard Height Adjuster - 20 Inch X 35 Inch Attachment
Compare At:$1,959.00
Our Price:$1,759.00
CourtVision Solar-Powered Court Light
Compare At:$3,979.00
Our Price:$3,477.00
CourtClean Prepclean Start-Up Kit for Hard Floors
Compare At:$299.00
Our Price:$249.00
CourtClean Replacement Rope with Swivel Clamps
Compare At:$49.00
Our Price:$42.00
Keyclean Pro Sweat Mop
Compare At:$429.00
Our Price:$357.00
CourtClean Total Facility Cleaning Package
Compare At:$1,599.00
Our Price:$1,499.00
Sideline Hydration Cart
Compare At:$429.00
Our Price:$399.00

Offering the Best in Basketball Accessories & Equipment

The nice thing about basketball is that there are not a lot of things that you need to play. Basketball hoops, rims and backboards will cover all of your basic needs. Football, on the other hand, not only requires goals posts and a field to play on, but it also requires its players to invest in thousands of dollars worth of body equipment in order to be safe. With basketball, you do not have to wear any special gear. While there is specialized and often times very expensive basketball apparel on can invest in, it is normally a matter of personal preference and style rather than necessity. In most cases tennis shoes and shorts will do you just fine, but in order to get the game going, you are going to need a couple of basic things.

Naturally, you are going to need a basketball hoop and a ball in order to play basketball, but what if you are trying to get a home game going in your driveway? Do you have the lines set up properly for two points versus three point shots? Perhaps you are one of those people who have tried using chalk to create these lines; they are bound to disappear quickly with all of the foot shuffling that goes on in basketball. However, there is another option.

By using a basketball court stencil, you can paint regulation size lines perfectly on your driveway (or a parking lot if you are lucky enough to have access). This is especially useful if you are either very particular and serious about you recreational basketball playing or perhaps you have a child who plays competitively and accurate markings make it possible for them to get meaningful practice shooting the ball from a correct distance.

If you are part of a larger system, such as a school or community team, you are going to want to purchase basketball accessories like a ball rack, a storage system for your equipment, and probably additional training aids such as a rebounding training aid, training goal, and a ball retention net. All of which can be found right here at Top Hoops. Having the right basketball equipment when you are playing or training will ensure that you or your team has the best success on the court. Browse our basketball equipment for sale today!